Fan Favourite wrap skirts

Fan Favourite wrap skirts


Throw one in your suitcase, your gym bag, your overnighter. Wear one to the office or school. These handy cotton wrap skirts freshen up and extend your wardrobe wherever you are. They sit just at the knee.

Now for the really fun thing about these skirts: because we scour local markets for the trunkh.iest patterns and colours we don’t always have a consistent supply of the same fabric, so you’ll have to trust us with that, but we can guarantee you some cool prints in the colour palette of your choice:  Blue, Green, Red/Pink, Black, Big Floral.

trunkh. designed and sewn in Cambodia. 

Crisp cool 100% cotton. 
Machine washable.
As there is no buttonhole, one size fits most (size 0-12 US, 8-16 UK/AU)

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