trunkh. blessing strings with amulet

trunkh. blessing strings with amulet


Temple strings with amulet

Every Cambodian (and many visitors too) wear a red string around their wrists – left for women, right for men - to show they’ve been blessed during one of the ceremonies, grand or humble, that happen every day across Cambodia. 

These trunkh. strings are extra special. The colour-fast red wool has been specially blessed for love, peace and safe travels, and plaited by our favourite monks at the Shining Light of the Rock Temple just across the river in Phnom Penh. We’ve added a small handmade buffalo bone and silver amulet in the shape of the sacred Champey bud. At 65cm it’s long enough to wear around your neck, or wrapped a few times round your wrist.

Exclusive to trunkh. Handmade in Cambodia.

Buffalo bone, sterling silver and red wool


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