A Cambodian journey may begin with the promise of fabled temples and the ancient cultures of gods and kings. But what falls between the cracks - the unplanned, unspectacular, unsung details of daily life - these are the hidden gems that illuminate and enrich every visitor's time in the Kingdom.

bookh. is a treasury of images that elevates and celebrates everyday Khmer life.  It's an unabashed tribute to the chaotic wonder discovered in every corner of the land, a mixed bag of the sacred and the street, captured with love by the creative duo behind trunkh., Cambodia's first contemporary concept store and lifestyle/design brand.

304 pages inc cover

285 images

Copyright © 2017 by trunkh.

All rights reserved. Marianne Waller and Douglas Gordon.
No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the authors.

Photographed, designed and printed in Cambodia.
ISBN 978-9924-9171-0-6

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