"Akara" Khmer alphabet cuffs by Mary Sara Designs

"Akara" Khmer alphabet cuffs by Mary Sara Designs


We're so proud! Mary is one of Cambodia's leading new jewellery designers, and has also been Manager at the trunkh. Phnom Penh pretty much since Day 1. (If you've ever visited, you'll recall she's the tiny feisty one!).

Mary has created a stunning collection of unique brass jewellery, inspired by ancient pieces worn in the royal courts of the Angkorian Empire. Her most popular design is the Alphabet cuff, which features the 33 consonants of the modern Khmer alphabet. Every one who buys one says what amazing talking points they are, and no wonder.

Her stunning collection now graces the bods of current Khmer Royalty and Pop Princesses alike and works beautifully day to night.

It's made to fit a western wrist but can also be adjusted to wear higher on forearm or upper arm.

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